Through my letters I can take you to the bottom of the ocean, to the farthest country, to space, to the depths of your soul; I can bring out your tears and laughter. I can make you feel pain, disappointment, happiness or hope.
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other people's pain ISBN-13: 978-0615722252
                           (El dolor ajeno)
My parents never agreed to leave us behind. The Mandatory Military Service had already been established (MMS), and I was already of military age. I was already beginning to feel the pain. They chose to stay if we didn't all go out together. That meant that they gave up on leaving Cuba, even though that was not exactly what it meant. This was what the agent wrote on the paper, which caused me indignation, because they did not resign, but rather did not want to leave us behind. But that kind of decision was not assimilated by the Fidel fans.





Science fiction ISBN-10: 0988610906
A drama that takes place in the region of Italian Tuscany. Luciano, a descendant of a 16th century family, is born in the 1940s with a condition that cannot be clearly determined by doctors and is similar to one suffered by one of his ancestors. His mother, after she and her husband have exhausted all means to solve what seems a mystery without succeeding, takes an attitude of rejection to his symptoms. A fantastic story.




Where did the critical conditions that existed in the world lead? What became of world politics? With the unexpected changes, what happened to the planet? Was man able to control the existing conditions? Don't miss out on what happened as a result of an extraordinary experiment and its consequences. What "ingredient" in human beings needs to be removed? What and how was humanity saved and who came to its aid? The suspense will not let you stop the reading.

Mamá cuéntame un cuento

ISBN-13: 978-0988610910
This book was written with love, for young children who love nature, animals and flowers. They will enjoy some real life stories and fantasy stories. They will learn good habits and how to deal with animals, family and friends. It will make them laugh. But most of all, they will treasure it with love because with love was written. A child's happiness must be very important to the parents.

Cuentos cortos de Oscar Duran

ISBN-13: 978-0988610941
In writing these stories I took into account not only the fact that they were enjoyable, but also that they touched the heart of the person. I wrote bearing in mind the circumstances we sometimes have, or the state of mind.
It is written for young lovers of reading, but also for those adults who enjoy stories with a message between the lines. When I write, I pour out my heart and feelings, often with stories that have the desired ingredient: suspense.



DISYUNTIVAS DEL CORAZÓN (Dilemmas of the Heart)

ISBN-13: 978-0988610958
 In our lives, we are always faced with dilemmas. It doesn't matter if they are important and weighty issues or trivial.  But during the course of our existence we have all been faced with dilemmas that we have to resolve... many times without being very sure of the results of our decision... that can cost pain.



ISBN-13: 978-0988610927
Lydia, the main character, is a young girl at the beginning of this story and a surprisingly suspenseful. It was 1904 and as a result of a terrible illness, the mother sends her only daughter to her sister's house with whom she has been estranged for some years. Things do not turn out as the mother would have wished and the girl goes through an unimaginable experience. Blessed by the generosity of a stranger, she arrives home, already aware of what she was going to find: a reality for a pain she was not prepared for.

El amor está en en cada habitación - Paul Mauriat

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